LightScope Films is a product of an unanticipated realization of a re-discovered PASSION.

Mike had tumbled upon his childhood curiosity of how commercial videos are made, especially like those flashy cars we see on TV ads, and from that moment he had re-discovered his love for films.

Since that fateful re-discovery, Mike's creative journey has begun.

MIKE – Creative Director / Founder

Since re-discovering his passion for films, Mike has been leveling up his artistic craft in making creative films with his imaginative mind and incomparable determination.

ADEE – Co-founder / #1 Supporter-Critic

Trivia: It is from her 3rd first name "LIGHT" and for her love of microscope that the name LightScope Films has been coined. Congenial and gifted with eyes for quality and drama, Adee heads the critique bureau.  She provides an all-out support for Mike’s passion of capturing timeless moments of families, friends, and of people who aspires to LIGHT UP THEIR STORY.
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