A "Save the Date" wedding teaser Featuring: German and Leona 

Calgary lawn care maintenance and weed control! Weed control and lawn maintenance for less! 
Yard Dawgs can get you that green, beautiful lawn you’ll love all season!

This shoot features our amazing and beautiful Calgary-based models and our very own 
talented photographers, among them is Kelvin Vinx Comendador, an acclaimed, 
published photographer! Plus see how cool the vintage cars at Bowest Motors.

Meet our awesome neighbors. Discover what we ❤ to do. See the fun we have together.
 Learn more about how we make our community, Mahogany, a happy place to live in. 
Watch this video to help you explore different ways of bringing our amazing community together. 
Here’s our special shout out to all our amazing Mohoganite volunteers. Let’s keep the passion burning! 🔥🔥🔥

Shaira's 18 birthday! 

Watch out for the zombies running wild! But thanks to our brave Mahoganite teens for saving 
the world! This vid proudly features our very own Mahoganite volunteers: 
Scary clown – Chris UN Advisor – Evan Lab Scientist - Ken Zombies – Condredge, Alexis, Ryan, 
Danny, Frank, Judy, Alec, Erico, Gabriel, Dan and Adam

Let's never give up on our dreams, let's make it happen. With grit, there is luck!

Meet Dee Reyes, our Empress of Canada Petite 2018, set to represent Canada and the Filipino 
community in Goa, India next month in the prestigious Empress Universe – International Beauty Pageant 
with a Purpose. This video documents Dee’s “One Dream, One Purpose” fundraising event as she's
 surrounded with good friends and family who always have believed in her & supported her. She's that brave
 woman outside-the-box who relentlessly proved that nothing’s impossible in this world through hard work, 
never giving up, always believing in yourself, and at the same time, be an inspiration to everyone. 
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